The Listies 6D (Twice as Good as 3D)

"It's like Little Britain for littlies. Grab one and go." ★★★★½ The Age

ClientThe Listies

Dora the Explorer can get lost, The Listies make Peppa Pig look like a ham, Dorothy extinct, and anyone still Wiggling stop. Expect LOLs, ROFLs, and even ROFLSHALBOWCOs (Rolling on the Floor So Hard A Little Bit Of Wee Comes Out). The silver screen is about to get brown.

The Listies 6D is six dimensions of fun:

1. Raucous
2. Disgusting
3. Interactive
4. Hilarious
5. Totes Funz
6. The end of nice, sanitised kids entertainment as we know it.

Winner, Best Production for Children, Sydney Theatre Awards, 2013.
This show is rated S for Stupid.
Ages 4+
Duration: 50mins