Safe by Amy Gibson

"This was like watching text marching into circus.  "  Debra Batton, Former Director of Legs on the Wall.

ClientAmy Gibson

In 2011 Safe $20,000 in funding through Arts House Culture LAB and the Besen Foundation to commence a stage one creative development at the Meat Market. The process was a culmination of studies in clown, le jeu, improvisation, movement and risk taking. The work takes artists away from the safety of their professional practices, opening doors to new ways of working. More specifically the first development consisted of physical and behavioural improvisation and reactionary exercises. We worked with skill and apparatus and then we took it all away. This made the experience unsafe for performers who were used to their tricks and their reliable apparatus. We found that the focus came back on each other. They became themselves on stage. A physical language began to form and the more extreme skills started to explode back into the space.

Initially the work was a purely physical development, however the project was trialled with spoken word during an International Directors Lab lead by Emma Rice of Kneehigh (UK).  Safe has now been awarded the St Martins Theatre Residency for the stage two development in September.  Safe is a groundbreaking new work that combines spoken word with physical performance where artists charge through a risky theatre making process that is outside their usual highly physical play pen.  The five performers form a part of a collaborative process that will amalgamate theatre, comedy, acrobatics, dance, and clown, creating an exciting new collaboration with a daring take on the human condition.

“…the clarity of the physical vocabulary shared by the skilful performers under her direction; all were comfortable and fluent in the unique yet accessible language that she had created.” Angharad Wynne-Jones, Creative Producer Arts House.