"A sparkling web of grandiloquence woven by a spider before a storm... Jane Nolan puts in a brilliant performance, capturing both the burgeoning humour and impacted sadness of the role...."    Cameron Woodhead, The Age, 26/1/07 [Read More]

Clientby Tony Kushner

Listen to the ABC Radio National interview with Tony Kushner and director Chris Bendall HERE. Read interviews with Tony Kushner published in The Age and The Australian

“The monologue is breathtaking, and beautifully performed by Jane Nolan.. that excellent actor Majid Shokor gives a rich and nuanced performance as the poet-guide Khwaja, and Tyler Coppin practically exudes the sour smell of loneliness as the ravaged Twistleton. And the whole is beautifully heightened by an evocative score by Jethro Woodward.” Alison Croggon, Theatrenotes. See full review here

Director: Chris Bendall

Designer: Peter Corrigan

Lighting Designer: Nick Merrylees

Sound Designer: Jethro Woodward

Producer: Kirrilly Brentnall

Associate Producer: Emily Sexton

Design Assistant: Katherine Chan

Stage Manager: Gemma Fletcher

Deputy Stage Manager: Avi Lipski