Originally performed 10 February – 22 February 2004 at Fortyfivedownstairs

Clientby Roland Schimmelpfennig

by Roland Schimmelpfennig

translated by David Tushingham

With Joshua Hewitt, Odette Joannides, Josephine Keen, Rob Meldrum & David Michel

Directed by Chris Bendall

Set Design: Danielle Harrisson
Costume Design: Emily Barrie
Lighting Design: Marco Respondeck
Original Music & Sound Design: Kelly Ryall
Producer Simon Kingsley Hall
Stage Manager: Caitlin Nunn
Production Manager: Emily O’Brien

“Arabian Night is theatre careening at top speed down narrow streets, laughing at scared pedestrians and flipping the finger to its red faced pursuers. Its a show that impresses through sheer velocity. There will be few unimpressed by this dense, eerie production.”
John Bailey, Beat, 2004

” Arabian Night is a delight; that rare and exciting phenomenon, something that stretches the imagination in unexpected ways… Once again we owe thanks to a fringe company for a glimpse of some of the most exciting contemporary drama from outside Australia.”
Helen Thomson, The Age, 2004

“Arabian Night is a highly evocative production. Theatre@Risk’s staging represents a triumph for Bendall and the actors, particularly Josephine Keen and stalwart Robert Meldrum.”
Realtime, 2004

” Arabian Night…. is an all-round winner. From eerie sound and music composition to inspired direction and consistently bold performances from the amazing cast. Theatre @ Risk’s production is quite possibly unlike anything you’ve seen before. You really will leave the performance feeling as if you’ve just woken from a strange and exquisite dream.”
Louise Jones, Inpress, 2004