A Sign of the Times with the Follies Company

ClientStephen Helper

A Sign of the Times is a winning comedy about an Australian Everyman trying to understand why his lovely life has become such a tragic shambles.   Voted as one of the 5 best and wisest productions of 2013 by Sydney critic Suzy Wrong (and she never is), this play stars the ruggedly handsome Scott Irwin (Hairspray, Les Mis) as a sparky roadside worker who turns the stop/slow sign.  Standing there, day after day, he begins a search for fundamental forces in the universe that have brought him terrible misfortune and by understanding them, controlling them – like controlling traffic.  A modern day Job, his wild imagination grows in his search for meaning and he takes the audience – indeed the whole theatre – with him from the reality of his work site, through his death by dump truck, to the waiting room of heaven, a banishment to the wilderness, a descent into hell and back again – renewed.  It’s a deeply affecting journey.  Featuring poetry by Robert Frost, Shakespeare, the Greek tragedians, Alexander Pope and T.S. Eliot.  Quick bump-in and out.

Reviews Feature

“The combination of Steve Helper’s dynamic dialogue and Scott Irwin’s endearing, mature warm presence that bring A Sign of the Times to enthusiastic life, reaching into the mind as well as the heart.

The lights and sound work together to create an atmosphere as powerful as a stage set itself, all the while enhancing rather than detracting from the clever rapid word play that throbs at the heart of A Sign of the Times.For a production with such grand themes, it is all a joy to follow, easy and witty, rapid and fun.”  Liz Thatcher, Reviewer, September 12, 2013

Written By
Stephen Lloyd Helper
Composed By
Poetry by Alexander Pope, T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, Shakespeare
Directed By
Stephen Lloyd Helper
Designed By
Sian James-Holland & Darrin Verhagen