Requiem for the Twentieth Century – Volume One

Originally performed 17 Nov - 3 Dec 2006 at New Ballroom, Trades Hall

Clientby Tee O'Neill

With: Jude Beaumont, Isabella Dunwill, Angus Grant, Andre Jewson,

Odette Joannidis, Alex Pinder, Simon Maiden, Adrian Snodgrass, Emma Lucas, Sean Louth-Robins, Justyna Kiczor and Andrea McCannon

Director: Chris Bendall

Producer & Video Design: Kirrilly Brentnall

Set and Costume Design: Isla Shaw

Sound Design: Kelly Ryall

Lighting Design: Richard Vabre

Associate Producer: David Frazer

Musical Director: Victor Bizzotto

Stage Manager: Ali Whiting

Production Assistant: Emily Sexton

Assistant Stage Manager: Sarah Liistro

“Tee O’Neill’s Requiem for the 20th Century is a daring and hugely ambitious theatrical epic. .. conjured through terrifically versatile performances……Director Chris Bendall imbues this docudrama with riveting momentum, using every inch of a massive stage. Its a production too monumental in scope for any one method or style to contain it, and Bendall enthusiastically embraces a patchwork of techniques, from Meyerhold’s biomechanics to Chaplinesque slapstick to various incarnations of musical theatre… The fashions and evets of the 20th century are evoked through Kirrilly Bretnnall’s video design, Isla Shaw’s low-rent yet effective set and costumes, and a liberal dose of period music, most of it performed live under the direction of Victor Bizzotto. True to its name, Theatre @ Risk has taken a huge gamble on this production. The result is the sort of inspiring work – unapologetically ambitious, bursting with the humour and tragedy of life writ large – that might just rewire your sense of what local theatre can achieve.” Cameron Woodhead, The Age, 24/11/06

“The action never flags. There are moments of deep emotion and there is humour. Requiem provides audiences with an intriguing and absorbing overview of the last century, and ensures that the big events and larger than life characters are given a personal dimension. That such a large sprawling work succeeds so well is a credit to all involved.” Jan Chandler, Melbourne Stage Online, 24/11/06

“The performances are strong, Dunwill is feisty and sympathetic as Cassie and Grant balances Red’s early boyishness with his mature dignity and bookishness. The supporting cast play multiple roles with alacrity and their chorus work is engaging. Director Chris Bendall composes attractive stage pictures and imbues each scene with energy. ” Kate Herbert, Herald Sun, 29/11/06

“Requiem has some touching and effective moments and impressive individual performances… it has a quirky sense of humour that cuts to the heart of history” Bill Perrett, Sunday Age, 26/11/06