Auspicious Projects Inc is an Australian not for profit organisation dedicated to producing new and challenging theatre. With our support, independent performers can build sustainable arts businesses.

Theatre grows and stay relevant by creating new content that brings to light essential issues. We are proud to support theatrical works that challenge audiences, both in form and in content, acting as a vehicle for change. New theatrical performances should be risky and provoking, so they can leave their mark in the public’s consciousness.

Auspicious Projects is the successor of Theatre@Risk, an award winning independent theatre company. Theatre@Risk produced 12 new theatre works between 2001 and 2008, bringing engaging and compelling stories to Australian audiences. In 2008, John Paxinos of Auspicious Arts Projects and John Paul Fishbach of Auspicious Arts Incubator were appointed  co-Executive Producers of the company. They continued producing new and exciting plays, but since then our focus has been on Australian works.

When we welcomed Theatre@Risk into the Auspicious family, we also changed the name to Auspicious Project Inc. to reflect this new chapter in the evolution of the theatre company.

What do we do?

Auspicious Projects produces challenging, rarely performed contemporary theatre works, with a focus on new Australian works. We are currently working only by invitation, but you can get auspiced at Auspicious Arts Projects or take a course at Auspicious Arts Incubator.  

After Auspicious Projects invites a performer, we will support them in the production of their work, securing funding, touring, and ticket sales for events on our website. The sales of tickets support our work and enables us to do it for the next artist.

Mission statement

  • To produce new works of theatre and present them to audiences in Melbourne, regional Victoria, nationally and internationally
  • To promote the theatrical form to as wide an audience as possible, especially youths
  • To stage regular play readings of new local and international work
  • To develop, produce, and stage theatrical performances that are accessible to deaf audiences
  • To promote theatre's potential as a means of social and political engagement
  • To promote theatre's potential to fuse with dance, music, and mixed media forms
  • To hold contemporary performance workshops and forums



Award-winning independent Melbourne company Theatre @ Risk was co-founded by Kirrilly Brentnall and Victor Bizzotto in 2001, with Chris Bendall as the Artistic Director. Theatre@Risk produced new and challenging theatrical works from both Australia and overseas. It introduced Australian audiences to cutting edge international theatre practices and thought. By developing and presenting challenging work Theatre@Risk sought to lead the debate about the development and presentation of Theatre in Australia.

After a successful 7 years, all three moved on to other appointments in 2008. The board appointed John Paxinos and John-Paul Fishbach to take over as co-Executive Producers of the company.

As Executive Producers, they decided to change the name of the company from Theatre@Risk to Auspicious Projects, to bring it in line with the other companies from the Auspicious family,  Auspicious Arts Projects and Auspicious Arts Incubator.

Since then, we have been bringing new and exciting content to theatre lovers across Australia. You can see all our past and upcoming projects here.

To read our 2017 Annual Report click here.


Auspicious Projects Inc


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